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Here we go.

I’m here because I once enjoyed writing.  And writing, in the past, has been a method of healthy reflection, where I take my thoughts and actions seriously.  Not that the thoughts and actions themselves need to be serious.  Far from it.  My intent is rather to practice expressing my thoughts without the defense mechanisms of sarcasm and shyness.  In the past year or two I have seen beauty and truth expressed through online writing, and reading such well-written, reflective words has been inspiring and challenging.

I also want to chronicle my days.  Reflection, be it through journaling, prayer, sincere conversation, or focused thought, goes far in preventing life lived purely from habit — going through the motions because it seems that there’s nothing else to do.   I’ve recently been limiting how often the TV is on and how much I’m on the internet at home.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m a big fan of the internet and the TV.   I’m writing this via the internet, under the inspiration of other online authors.  And Daniel and I regularly watch TV shows together.  But we’ve found that when TV and the internet are not activity options, the days are longer, and we are able to fill them with time spent together, working on things we enjoy and things we find productive and satisfying.  And oddly enough, that ends up being more relaxing than lounging on the couch with the remote control.  But I don’t want to just fill my time with tangible activities.  I want it to be seasoned with conversation and reflection.  So to those ends, I’m focusing on a couple things.  The first is having people over for meals –  to foster laid back evenings and the opportunity to hear about the lives of those with whom we share this little world.  And, secondly, I’m starting this – me, writing about the things I see and the ideas I encounter.

All of that said, here are a few practical things I want to keep in mind.

1. Approach this as a journal, not an audience.  I don’t do well in front of audiences.  Even in front of a couple people I have trouble expressing my thoughts coherently.  Maybe someday I will work to improve that, but for now, I just want to practice expressing my thoughts in writing, without trying to impress anyone.

2. Write sincerely.  This is more or less entailed by #1, but the objective is to write honestly.  Not make up a bunch of interesting stories or witty catch-phrases.

3. Write positively.  Not in grumbles or complaints.

4. Don’t obsess about making it perfect.  I want to practice writing well, and I want to do this to the best of my abilities.  But, perfection is not one of my abilities.  I also want to incorporate things I’m learning – like photography – and those kinds of things will, without a doubt, be novice and far from perfect.

5. Think outside myself.  This is a journal, so I’m going to use the word “I” a lot.  However, I want to avoid being wrapped up in myself.  And let me tell you, this will most ashamedly take the grace of God and some significant change.  But my hope is that the more I reflect on what is beautiful and noble, the less I’ll think about myself.  Hopefully, if nothing else, this space will document that journey.

And with that, dear void, I’ll call it a night.


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